Genelabs Medical Pvt Ltd was established in 2018, with the vision of making advanced genetic testing that is available elsewhere in the world accessible to Sri Lankans. It was founded by Dr. Chandanamali Punchihewa, a molecular geneticist with over 20 years of experience in USA and Sri Lanka. From the inception, Genelabs gained reputation as a specialized laboratory for complex genetic tests, and has made it possible for more Sri Lankans to have the benefit of advanced and accurate tests at a lower cost.

Equipped with multiple PCR machines, a genetic analyzer and next-generation sequencers, Genelabs is the most well-equipped genetic testing laboratory in the country, having the most comprehensive list of key genetic tests. It was the first in the country to perform the internationally popular and highly recommended test called NIPT, which allows identification of abnormalities of an unborn baby using a sample of mother’s blood. Among other unique tests performed are multiple prenatal tests, many critical tests in oncology, as well as infectious diseases. In 2020, Genelabs stepped in to assist with COVID-19 response in the country, by being the first non-hospital associated private lab to get the Ministry of Health authorization to carry out COVID-19 PCR.

In addition to PCR, Genelabs performed sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 viruses in order to identify the specific variants circulating in the country, and the important mutations of the virus, and is the only lab in the private sector with the capability to perform this test.

Among other services offered by Genelabs are Sanger sequencing, for academic and other research. In addition, Genelabs also carries out R&D, and has got involved with different research projects some of which are with organizations in USA.

Other key activity of Genelabs in the genetic testing field include education and training of undergraduate and other students.

With qualified and experienced staff, strict quality control guidelines, latest technologies being used, Genelabs is the market leader in genetic testing in Sri Lanka offering a comprehensive menu of genetic tests and services