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Extended Services

We provide custom solutions to address your research questions

Research & Development

  • Genelabs-funded research
  • Contract research
  • Collaboration in academic/clinical research
  • Consultation for research design & execution

Sanger Sequencing Services

  • Performing PCR with provided primers (special service)
  • PCR product purification
  • Uni-directional sequencing
  • Bi-directional sequencing

Teaching and training

  • Industrial training
  • Workshops
  • Lab tours
  • Internships
  • Undergraduate/postgraduate thesis research

Our Clients

Welcome to Laboratory

Genelabs Medical is a genetic testing laboratory that utilizes cutting-edge technologies for molecular diagnosis and biological research. We offer PCR and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tests to help with different clinical conditions, and provide custom solutions to facilitate acadamic research.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make advanced genetic testing that is available elsewhere in the world accessible to Sri Lankans, in order to improve the healthcare outcome of our patients and research and development activities of our academic community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfil the genetic testing requirements of clinical and research communities using latest technologies. We thrive to become the one-stop solution giving a comprehensive service from assay design and testing, to final data interpretation and genetic counselling.

Genelabs news

New State-of-the-art facility of Genelabs

New State-of-the-art facility of Genelabs

To serve you better with even more space, we are moving to a new facility…

In recognition of a commitment in overcoming great challenges and advancing the field of molecular genetics in Sri Lanka, Dr. Chandanamali Punchihewa was bestowed with three awards

Recognition of national leadership

Leadership recognition: Dr. Chandanamali Punchihewa’s impact on genetics and entrepreneurial success In recognition of a…

During an interview with Kaleidoscope, Dr. Chandanamali Punchihewa explained to Ms. Savithri Rodrigo about the reduced representation of women in STEM in Sri Lanka, and actioned required for a broader appeal.

Women representation in STEM in Sri Lanka 

During an interview with Kaleidoscope, Dr. Chandanamali Punchihewa explained to Ms. Savithri Rodrigo about the…

Leadership being featured in the Commonwealth Union

Having always had a passion for science since her school days, Dr Chandanamali Punchihewa coupled…