Paternity Testing

Paternity testing attempts to establish the identity of a person’s genetic parent, also called their biological father. This testing works by comparing the genetic material, the DNA, of a child to an individual to see if that individual is one of the child’s genetic parents. The paternity test uses DNA, usually taken from a cheek swab or blood, which is subjected to a testing process where specific  DNA patterns of each sample is identified and matched between the individuals.


DNA Paternity test at Genelabs Medical provide you with accurate and reliable paternity results while ensuring your confidentiality. Our paternity test analyzes 13 CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) loci and 3 other additional loci. We also offer an at-home sample collection package for those who wish to keep the identity more confidential.


Disclaimer: Our paternity test reports are for personal information only, and not for legal purposes.

  • PCR/FA
  • Blood/ Buccal swab/ Amniotic fluid
  • 14 days

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