Paternity testing

Paternity testing

DNA Paternity test at Genelabs Medical provide you with accurate and reliable paternity results while ensuring your confidentiality. Our paternity test analyzes 13 CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) loci and 3 other additional loci, to give you a peace of mind with accurate paternity answers.

We also offer an at-home sample collection package for those who wish to keep the identity more confidential.

How to get a paternity test

  • Step 01

    Call Genelabs Medical. We will explain the entire process of the paternity test. You have the choice of ordering an at-home paternity test sample collection package, or visit Genelabs Medical to provide us with the required swab samples

  • Step 02

    If choosing at-home collection option; we will ship the sample collection kit to you along with collection instructions, where you need to ship it back to us.

    If visiting Genelabs Medical; we will collect the samples and process them.

  • Step 03

    We will issue the results within 3 weeks. You can obtain the results via email, post or simply visit Genelabs medical at your convenience.

Disclaimer: Our paternity test reports are for personal information only, and not for legal purposes.